Conquest Imaging’s technology engineers rigorously recondition each ATL, Acuson, GE, Hewlett Packard, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba ultrasound part, probe and component to manufacture specifications.  Each ultrasound part goes through our proprietary 5-Step 360º Quality Assurance process prior to receiving an approval. Conquest Imaging delivers functioning factory-grade quality ultrasound parts and ultrasound probes that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.

Whether you need an ultrasound probe, user interface, printer, DVD player, monitor or other ultrasound part, our comprehensive warranties are a good measure of the confidence you can place in Conquest Imaging. While most ultrasound part providers offer a limited 30 to 90-day warranty, our parts and probes come with an overnight, hassle-free exchange and carry comprehensive warranties of up to a full year.

Worldwide part and probe orders received until 5 pm Pacific Coast Time (unless by emergency request) ship the same day.

Qual’i’ty, (‘kwa-le-te) adjective: superior factory-grade part, probe or component bearing additional cost to recondition to manufacturer specifications prior to receiving the PART and PROBE SERVICE 360º approval by a company who knows Guaranteed Quality Assurance—Conquest Imaging.